Social Media Management

If you’re after the ultimate solution to your business, we offer just that! Depending on your budget and goals, we will come to you, film content, edit in our studio and then schedule, write and upload all your social media posts!

You will never have to worry again! Our expertise in video production, editing, thrown together with a monthly social media content calendar, optimal posting times, and utilising different mediums from long form video, to shorter form Instagram Reels, is the perfect recipe for success.

Social Media Content

Almost half of the population is on social media, any business that isn’t working hard to earn maximum exposure and engagement in this space is missing out. Video content is the best way to make an impression in such a crowded environment.

The benefits of embracing social media include the ability for you video content to be shared, if your current audience loved it there’s a high chance they will spread it far. Increased attention, with tools such as Instagram Reels, content will automatically start to play, being able to grab the viewers attention in the first 5 – 10 seconds could get them staying on your page even longer, with a higher chance of them clicking that follow button.

Everything Else

If you have a video project in mind, but find it doesn’t quite fit into any of the categories listed, please get in touch as we cover just about any type of video production service.

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